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Don't be afraid to fail

- Unknown

  • Played WHL with Lethbridge and Kamloops

  • Drafted to the NHL by the New York Rangers #196th Overall in the 1985 NHL Draft

  • Member of '87, '89, '90, '92 Canadian National Teams

  • Played 12 seasons of Professional Hockey 

  • Happily Married with 2 children 


What are the top 3 accomplishments that you are most proud of?

1.) Playing Major hockey at the age of 16

2.) World Juniors

3.) Playing with the New York Rangers.

What is your WHY? What lights your fire and makes you do what you are doing.

I love the game of hockey its the only place that life makes sense to me and I'm free.

Legacy. What do you want to be remembered for?

For caring and making a difference with all hockey players young and old

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see young athletes making, what are some that you made that looking back you would have done differently?

Not spending enough time on individual skills.

What do you like most about the PX3 AMP Program? Why is this program so important for kids?

I like that we spend over 50% of the practice on individual skills

Who is the person, coach, or institution that told you to quit or did not believe in you. Why?

I couldn't tell you who my naysayers are, I must of not listened.

What are some of the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are? 

Trying to make it in hockey at 5'9.

Who is the person/coach who made the biggest difference in your life or believed in you when others did not?

All of my coaches had a impact on making the player that I was.

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